About The Amana AC2224GEKB

AC2224GEKB Amana Side by Side Fridge/Freezer

 With the Amana AC2224GEKB side by side refrigerator, you could get more value for money. Here’s a look at everything on offer from this top-class two-door unit.

AC2224GEKB Amana Side by Side Fridge/Freezer Overview

The AC2224GEKB side-by-side Amana Refrigerator is an improved version of several old models. It comes with an innovative style and several cutting-edge features designed to support cooling needs.

Style – Side-by-Side American Refrigerator

With its American side-by-side style, this refrigerator is a perfect fit for several spaces. It comes with a sleek appearance designed to help you get a more stylish outlook for your kitchen.


Gross Capacity – 21.57 cu. ft. (610 litres)

Its 610 litres gross capacity is an ideal fit for stacking several items without hassle.


Here’s a look at all dimensions of the AC2224GEKB Amana Side by Side Fridge/Freezer:

Height 70”

Width 35”

Depth 26”

Control System – Fully-Electronic

Energy Rating – A

Handles – Standard

Special Features

When you get the hang of the features on offer from AC2224GEKB Amana side-by-side refrigerator-freezer, it becomes your top choice. Here’s a look at everything extra you’ll get from this model:

6 cooling zones

Multiple cooling zones mean there’s no chance your items could get stale in the fridge and freezer. The cooling feature receives immense support from a high-tech door closure cam kit. You can get multiple items preserved with ease and max out your investment hassle-free!

Four-point levelling system

The four-point levelling system on this Amana refrigerator model makes it a top choice for buyers. The Amana fridge system is designed to max out air circulation around its interior. Even if you place items in the door buckets, this system provides immense cooling support.

Getting all your items cool is the aim of Amana refrigerators. And this unit seems to take that aim up several notches.

Frost-free technology

Have you had it with solid frosted items that take forever to melt? The Frost-free technology from this fridge freezer makes it a reality.

The overall design of this unit keeps your items in a temperature-controlled environment until you need them. Your groceries, fruits, and other items will remain usable but won’t freeze up. It’s a great addition to the overall of this top-class refrigerator freezer.

Automatic defrost

The automatic defrosts feature keeps your stored items from getting hard from extensive freezing. With the auto-defrost feature, it becomes easy to keep your items fresh and use them whenever you want.

Antibacterial protection

Are you tired of having bacteria in some of your fridge compartments? With the AC2224GEKB, you get antibacterial protection, keeping your stored groceries in great shape.

44dBA maximum noise level

Smooth, noiseless operation is one of the strong points of Amana refrigerators. The AC2224GEKB doesn’t disappoint as it comes with a low 44dBA rating. You won’t need to grapple with noises while getting the best cold storage for your groceries.

Beverage chiller

Besides having excellent features designed to preserve your stored goods, the Amana freezer also sports a chiller. With this chiller, you can get your

Ice and water dispenser

The ice and water dispenser in this Amana AC2224GEKB is simply top-notch. It comes with an ice dispensing function that supports crushed and cubed ice supply. The water and ice dispenser on this system leverages its supply line to deliver custom moulds to your ice bucket.

If you want to have an ice maker from your Amana side-by-side fridge, this is one option you can’t overlook. Besides having a genuine Amana refrigerator icemaker, this unit supports other powerful features to keep you refreshed every time!

Internal water filter

This Amana refrigerator features an internal water filter to make sure its dispensing system is safe for use. So if you’re keen on having a refreshing, healthy drink, this two-door refrigerator is an ideal choice.

Standard handles

The system sports standard handles, making it easy for anyone to navigate its compartments with ease. With this Amana refrigerator, you get direct access to all items without breaking a sweat. And if you’re keen to quickly stock and close up the fridges and freezers’ compartment, this is a great help.

Takeaways: AC2224GEKB Amana Side by Side Fridge/Freezer

When you’re keen on top side-by-side Amana refrigerators, you can’t overlook the AC2224GEKB. The unit sports several features inferior brands can’t boast of, making it a favoured choice. Make the most of your investment in a cooling unit and get special features hassle-free!

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