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Freezers are now a necessity in every kitchen. They keep your food fresh and cool for a very long time. But for the long time service of your freezer, you need only to trust the professionals. And in the refrigeration industry, Amana Freezers is a well-known name. Amana freezers are popular among people as they are extremely affordable and within reach of a common middle-class person. Amana refrigeration has freezers in all shapes and sizes so that they can fit into any kitchen. They become a part of the kitchen with their modern high-tech design. So if you are also interested in Amana freezers then here are some suggestions for you. The description, category, capacity, and special features of each Amana freezer will help you to choose your perfect one. So take a look.

16 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer with Energy Saving Insulation

This is truly the new age freezer as it is eco-friendly. Its energy-saving insulation helps to lower the global warming potential of the freezer by 99.9%. Another cool feature named the Fast Freezer Option will chill a large amount of food very quickly by cooling down the entire freezer. Let’s discuss its main features in detail-

Key Features

  • Free-O-Frost™ System- the task of this system is to prevent ice buildup in your food. So you don’t have to give extra time to defrost it. You can get the food out of the freezer and cook or serve it.
  • Fast Freeze Option- if you want to chill-freeze the whole item in your freezer; push the colder button. It will freeze your food 10 degree colder than the freezer’s standard lowest setting.


  • Capacity- the height and width of this freezer are 60-1/4 in and 30-1/4 in which is pretty large. The capacity is 15-17/25. So you can store a lot of food in one go.
  • Baskets- for systematic and separate storing you will get baskets inside the freezer. You can separate fruits and veggies or meats and put them on separate baskets.
  • Outer body- the external body is of plastic. The door has a plastic handle and a hidden hinge for smooth reversible actions. The plastic body will lock the cool temperature inside the freezer naturally.

So, overall this is a perfect model to suit your home kitchen. You can chill varieties of items inside it.

15 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer with 2 Baskets

Chest freezers are especially helpful if you have an ice cream parlour or want to freeze foods in extremely chilled conditions. Thus for storing meat or fish for a long period, your Amana Fridge Freezers produces this chest freezer with high tech Deepfreeze technology.

Also, there are two baskets for you to sort out small items like cup ice creams or ice cream sandwiches separate from the ice cream bars and cones. The depth is 27-1/4 in. the height and width of the model are 33-3/8 in and 47-3/8 in. the control system is on the outside, and you can manually set its limits. The annual energy usage (KWH) is 297.0, which is less than many other chest freezers. It also has advanced foam insulation technology in it.

29-inch Wide Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Garden Fresh™ Crisper Bins

A bottom freezer refrigerator is what you need the most. It can cool stuff separately according to their needs. You can freeze meat fish, ice, and other frozen-able products at the bottom and take the upper portion for more regular items like milk, eggs, cooked, and baked food. There are humidity-controlled garden-fresh crisper bins so that you can keep your fruits and veggies as fresh as from garden picks. And on the upper section, you get gallon door storage bins to store big bottles of beverages like milk, juice, and soda.

There is a separate transparent dairy centre where you can store butter, cheese, yoghurt, or fresh cream. The door bins are adjustable and removable so that you can make space or clean them whenever you want. Also, another extra feature of this model is the reversible door swing. That means you can adjust to open the door from left or right. This comes in 3 classic colours, i.e. black, white, and stainless steel.

36-inch Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dual Pad External Ice and Water Dispenser

This can be your ultimate refrigerator goal. Not just it looks exotic, but also its features are outstanding. The 36-in refrigerator is exceptionally spacious and stores your one-month food at a time. Additionally, it has ice and water dispenser that produces and supplies fresh ice and water in one push. The Water Filter makes sure you get every drop of chilled purified water. You can easily set and adjust the electric temperature controls on it.

The dual pad ice water dispenser gives you two different spots to get ice and water simultaneously or one after the other. The feature named Temp Assure Freshness control makes sure that your fruits remain sweet and juicy while your veggies are fresh and green. You can get both crushed and cubed ice from it. Thus this refrigerator from Amana is more than what you can wish for. This has everything in it. It can suit your kitchen anywhere you want.

The Bottom Line

These are some excellent freezer options for you by Amana Refrigeration. Each one of these is perfect in its field. You can choose any one of them without any doubt. If you want a freezer specifically to store frozen items, then the Amana chest freezer will be exact for you. And for multipurpose storage and freezing, you can choose anyone out of these. Considering size and facilities the 36-inch side-by-side refrigerator with dual pad external ice and water dispenser is the match-winner though.

Amana Fridge Freezer - side by side Refrigerator
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