5 Good tips to help you with your fridge/freezer

Maintaining your Amana, Maytag and Admiral fridge

Here at Acr Repairs we have put together the top 5 Tips to keep your fridge up and running.

  1. Keep the condensing coils clean:

    When the coils get blocked this can have a big effect on the system for your fridge freezers as air will pass over the condenser to cool the gas, this is what makes your freezer work to its full potential, so for this reason every 6 months it’s good practice to hoover the coils as explained here.

  2. Check the temperature:

    We recommend to set the freezer – 18c and the fridge plus 4c

  3. Door seals :

    Check your door seals approximately every 6 months for splits, holes etc., make sure there is a good suction between the door seal and the fridge itself, wipe clean with a cloth then get bleach and water in a spray bottle, 30% bleach and the rest water spray on the rubber gaskets clean with cloth then dry and then use Vaseline to lubricant.

  4. Defrost your freezer :

    With Amana, Maytag and Admiral fridge/freezers you will not need to defrost as all these models are auto defrost but if you see and frost building up around near the fan or underneath the icemaker it is a good idea to carry out a full defrost, to do this switch off for 24hrs with doors open this is good practice to do every 6 months to maintain your fridge freezer.

  5. Keep your fridge stocked up:

    keep your fridge/freezer stocked up they work better when stocked up, they hold the temperature up to twice as long, than if they were half full, please don’t overfill and do not block of any air vents as this will course problems with air circulation and have an effect on overall cooling performance.

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