How to change your water filter in your fridge freezer

Here are 2 video’s how to change your water filter, as you can see there are 2 diferent types.


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Why Should We Change Our Fridge Water Filter?

Unless you live on the moon, I think it is safe to say you have access to a fridge. If that is true, then it is also true that your fridge has an internal water filters that ought to be changed every now and then. How frequent it should be change would depend on how much water you use but on the average, changing your water filters every six months is ideal. So when was the last time you changed your fridge water filter? Perhaps you are not even aware you should change it. Well, you should and we will tell you why in this short write up.

So why should you change your water filter every six months?

Well, because the old water filter gets tired after a while. It only filters a certain number of gallons before it becomes more or less useless. How do know when your water filter has reached its limit? Unless you fill in your daily water consumption in a notebook, it might be a bit difficult to tell when you’ve reached your gallon limit. This is why fridge manufacturers simply recommend that you change your filter every six months.

Why Should I Change My Water Filters At All?
Someone might ask this question, so let’s quickly answer it.
To Ensure Continuous Protection against Dangerous Chemicals in the Water

This is the number one and probably most important reason to change your water filter. Your old water filter is most likely not as effective as it used to be in filtering out dangerous chemicals, microbes, heavy metals, and minerals that contaminates your water. A good water filter like amana water filters can filter out Arsenic, pesticides, chromium, barium, excess fluoride, cadmium, Nitrates, excess chlorine, lead and radium in your water. Do not be surprised if your regular migraines simply disappear when you change your water filter. Some have even reported significant health improvement after changing switching puriclean water filters, for example, after many years of using the old filter.

To Prevent Cloudy Ice

Some of us just hate to see cloudy ice when we make ice cubes. If you are experiencing this, then it may very well be because of a high mineral content in your water. The amount of minerals in your water would have been reduced by a good water filter. I recommend you replace your old filter with matching admiral water filters if you would like to start getting clear ice cubes immediately.
To prevent bad water taste or odor

You may begin to experience tasty water or some strange odor in your freezer when your filter has failed to keep chemicals, minerals and microbes out of your fridge. Maytag water filters offer a quick and cheap solution to this.
Another improvement you might notice when you change your water filter is an increase in the speed with which water flows through it. The slow flog is caused by clogging of the filter over time. Changing the filter would solve this problem. However, ensure you make it regular from her one by creating a time table for it. This would really help improve the quality of water you and your family consume.

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