About The Amana BRF520

The Top Mount Amana BRF520 is a favourite among top freezer refrigerators. If you’re keen to make it your top pick, this guide should provide the info you need.

Top Mount Amana BRF520 Overview

The Top Mount Amana BRF520 is a recent addition to an ever-growing line of Amana refrigerators. It supports a large top mount design and bottom freezer construction designed to ease storage potential.

Depending on your chosen model, this fridge could have an ice maker, service rack, shelf divide, and much more.

Style – Top Mount

This top-mount refrigerator meets several cold storage needs with a beautiful design and a wide range of fittings. Aside from being a behemoth in every space, it’s fitted in, and this fridge adds a stylistic detail to any environment.

Gross Capacity – 20 cu. ft. (566 litres)

With a massive twenty cubic feet of space, the Amana BRF520 supports all your cooling needs hassle-free. You can make the most of spaces within this freezer to boost the storage of groceries in your home.


Here’s a look at all dimensions of the Top Mount Amana BRF520:


The Amana BRF520 has a 70″ long interior capable of holding many items without hassle. This top freezer refrigerator with glass shelves has the right length from top to bottom to support easier storage.

This fridge has an ideal height if you have lots of stuff to cool and can’t afford high-end side-by-side refrigerators. There’s enough space in this Amana top freezer refrigerator to fit in your fresh garden crisper and other shelves. Depending on the model you buy, you could have more space than you know what to do with.


The 36″ width of this fridge freezer means there’s little you can’t store without hassle. It provides users with a lot of space to get better cooling support, regardless of how huge your home inventory is. Stacking your home with much-needed supplies doesn’t get any better than what this unit provides.


A decent 24″ depth of this Amana fridge freezer makes it a favourite for easy storage. No matter how massive your groceries maybe, there’s space to stack them in this top-mount fridge.

Control System – Fully-Electronic (Deepfreeze® compatible)

With a massive control system wired to be electronic, this fridge has several automatic features on offer. One of the most notable features of this top-mount refrigerator is its Deepfreeze® feature. Keeping your items extra fresh is easier with such a handy feature.

Energy Rating – A

With an A-rating, using this top-mount freezer won’t put a hole in your electricity bills.

Hinge Design – Swappable

The innovative hinge design on this top mount refrigerator makes it easy for all users to navigate. You can easily switch the hinge to your preferred section and leverage pullout drawers fitted underneath.


When it comes to shelves, the Amana BRF520 doesn’t disappoint. An array of and other features are available from this unit. If you plan to make more of your fridge freezer real estate, these shelves can help:

Here’s a load-down of some shelves available in the Top Mount Amana BRF520:

  • Garden fresh crisper bins
  • Gallon door storage bins
  • Dairy bin
  • Bottom freezer refrigerator with Easyfreezer pullout drawer
  • Dual pad external ice and water dispenser
  • Humidity-controlled garden-fresh crispers

Besides these easy storage bins, the top mount freezer refrigerator provides door switching. If you’re left or right-handed, few glances at this product’s user manuals will guide you in switching shelves.

All shelves fitted onto the Amana BRF520 are SpillsaverTM fitted, keeping your items cool and safe from accidental spills.

Special Features

Other special features include:

  • Adjustable Dividers
  • Automatic Ice Maker (some models)
  • Covered Storage Bucket
  • Dairy Centers
  • Deli Port™
  • Door Buckets
  • Door Shelf
  • Fresh Food and Deepfreeze® Controls
  • Ice Service Rack (some models)
  • Pivot Bin™
  • Slideout Shelf (some models)
  • Spillsaver™ Shelves
  • Tall Package Retainer
  • Vertical Shelf Divider (some models)

Final Thoughts: Top Mount Amana BRF520

Amana refrigerators offer cooling spaces with wide cubic ft. capacity, water filters, and other top features. The Amana brand continues to provide high-end cooling solutions with massive features. Among these top elements are a wide gallon door storage, external ice and water dispenser, pullout drawer, and more.

With the Top Mount Amana BRF520, you have access to several handy features and immense cooling support.

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