About The Amana G32026PELB

G32026PELB Maytag Side by Side Fridge/Freezer

 If you’ve got your sights set on a Maytag G32026PELB, this guide has all the info you need. Make an informed choice. Get the side-by-side freezer you’ve always dreamed of.

G32026PELB Maytag Side by Side Fridge/Freezer Overview

It is a side-by-side freezer with cutting-edge designs and several top-performing functions. It’s one of the most energy-efficient, high-powered side-by-side fridge-freezers on sale right now.

Style – Side-by-Side

Gross Capacity – 20 cu. ft. (566 litres)


Here’s a look at the dimensions of the G32026PELB Maytag Side by Side Fridge/Freezer:

Height 69.88”

Width 35.63”

Depth 26.7”

Control System – Internal Electronic Design

With the internal electronic system, this Maytag supports fluid performance and swift cooling potential. Its electrical supply line is designed with cutting-edge features to improve performance and reduce costs.

Energy Rating – A

A cost-effective ‘A’ energy rating means you don’t have to pay through the nostrils to preserve items at home.

Hinge Design

A high-tech hinge design on this fridge freezer makes it easy to navigate. Its sleek opening potential is one reason why anyone would love it in an instant.

Special Features

Temperature display

With the temperature display function, you get to see how fantastic your fridge freezers interior is. Such an incredible feature makes monitoring your fridge’s performance more comfortable.

Full-width chef’s pantry

A massive chef’s pantry is any food lover’s dream. With so much space to stack food, wines, and other foodie essentials, this is a perfect fit for cooks.

It’s easy to access this pantry through its drawer slide rails. Storing a complete set of ingredients doesn’t get any better than what this fridge freezer provides.

Self-sealing centre bar

The self-sealing centre bar on this side-by-side American fridge makes its cooling potential a lot higher. Its centre bar keeps cool air circulating within, maintaining the freshness of your stored items.

1pcs temperature-controlled deli-drawer

What this fridge lacks is an advanced water filter. But it more than makes up for that with other sleek features, like its deli-drawer, for instance. With this drawer, you can make the most of preserving your items without hassle.

2pcs adjustable humidity crispers

No fridge or freezer is complete without a refrigerator pantry drawer or refrigerator crisper. With the Maytag refrigerator crisper drawer, lovers can finally get their items cold-stored just how they like them. With two humidity-adjustable crispers, this model ranks high among Maytag fridges.

5pcs adjustable door bins

What’s not to love about adjustable door bins in the fridge? Most times, we tend to scan the compartments of our refrigerator door first. That’s why the adjustable bins make it easier to stack several items on your fridge door.

Several Maytag fridges have door compartments. But with five of these door bins on the Maytag, you get extra space to place your favourites hassle-free!

Covered dairy compartment

Storing milk, yoghurt, and other dairy products the right way has always been a headache in some kitchens. With the covered dairy compartment in the Maytag side by side, all of that changes.

You can store all your dairy products without the hassle and retrieve them whenever you need them in fresh, prime form. Lovers of dairy can’t get enough of this handy compartment for sure!

Auto defrost: Fridge only.

The fridge compartment on this Maytag supports an auto defrost system. With the automatic defrost system, you can max out freshness for all cold-stored items. And if you’re keen on enhanced cooling tech from a fridge freezer, this Maytag has more to offer.

Frost free

Dealing with frosted foods could be tricky, especially when you need to use them now. That’s why the Maytag G32026PELB features frost-free cooling. Your stored items will remain frozen at the right temperature until you need them. Getting fresh items to spice up your kitchen time doesn’t get any better.

Takeaways: G32026PELB Maytag Side by Side Fridge/Freezer

Most American fridge freezers designed by inferior brands can’t satisfy all customers’ needs. But with a massive set of features on this Maytag refrigerator model, you get extra value for money.

With its adjustable compartments, bins, and cutting-edge designs, it’s a choice worth its price tag. Several buyers already trust top-notch services from the Maytag refrigerator brand. Making the Maytag G32026PELB yours could be an excellent choice that preserves your groceries and assures you cold drinks hassle-free!

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