About The Amana GB2026PEKW

Amana GB2026PEKW Top Mount Fridge/Freezer: Everything You Need to Know About This Unit

If you own a top mount fridge and freezers from Amana? Then the Amana GB 2026PEKW. Then, make the information in this post your guide, and get a cooling unit that assures maximum performance in your home.

Amana GB2026PEKW Overview

The Amana GB 2026PEKW is a single top or bottom mount refrigerator designed for homes and commercial spaces. It comes as a recent addition to the ever-growing profile of single or side by side refrigerators from Amana.

No model of this fridge currently has an ice maker or water dispensers. Instead, the refrigerator comes with a design focused on automation and brisk cooling support for homes.

Style – American Style Top Mount Fridge Freezer

In a similar fashion to the GB2026PEKW American Bottom Mount Refrigerator, the top-munt Amana fridge freezer sports a sleek appearance. With its towering dimensions and massive capacity, this is a top pick among Amana top-freezer refrigerators. Even if this style of Amana refrigerators lacks an ice and water dispenser, it features a superior gross capacity.

Homeowners keen on Amana fridge freezers should check this choice out. It offers most features some can’t boast of in their current models. In addition, most refrigerators of this model are available in white.

Gross Capacity – 19.9 cubic ft. (563 litres)

With an overall gross capacity of 19.9 cubic feet, the Amana top mount refrigerator provides ample space. So if you plan to max out your fridge real estate to keep groceries cool, this is an ideal choice.

So much space in this refrigerator makes it easy to utilize all sections and shelves to potential.

Besides having ample space to keep many items, no part of this 19.9 cu. ft. behemoth is a dud. Users can keep their stuff cool at any section of this unit without worrying about circulation. So if you’re targeting a top mount refrigerator with loads of space, this unit should be a favoured pick.


The Amana GB2026PEKW has the following dimensions:


At 70″ tall, this refrigerator supports the right design that promotes more accessible storage. For example, do you need to cool stacked cakes without having to worry about any accident? The top mount of this refrigerator could be a perfect fit.

Besides having some immense height specs, the refrigerator comes with more attractive, spacious designs.


The 35″ width of this refrigerator makes it a top choice for storing groceries large scale. So much fridge real estate comes in handy to help you max out cooling whatever you want. There’s nothing as too much space when it comes to refrigerators. And the width of this fridge gives you the confidence to make larger orders at the grocery store.


So much depth from this fridge at 25″ makes it a top pick for great storage. You can make the most of packing your refrigerator, as there’s so much space.

Control System – Fully-Electronic

The fully electronic control system of this fridge makes it a perfect fit for quick cooling potential. In addition, unlike older models that support a manual system, this fridge offers enhanced tech for better cold storage.

Energy Rating – A

Saving more on energy bills is a reality with this fridge freezer’s high rating. So you can keep your items cool while not feeling stressed about costs.

Hinge Design – Right Hand

Most new Amana models rely on pull designs, but the GB2026PEKW is different. The unit adopts a right-hand design that supports easy pulling support. In addition, you can get your groceries in and out of the freezer in record time due to the innovative hinge design.

Shelves – Fridge (4) Freezer (2)

With six compartments in total, this fridge freezer has some great space to store several items hassle-free.


How long does an Amana refrigerator last?

Amana refrigerators could last within 10 to 25 years based on factors such as frequency of usage, maintenance, etc.

What company makes Amana refrigerators?

With the Whirlpool Corporation takeover of Maytag in 2006, it took over the Amana brand as well. Some other sections of the Amana brand, like its A/C line, isn’t part of Whirlpool Corporation.

Takeaways: Amana GB2026PEKW Top Mount Fridge/Freezer

The Amana brand has continued to support homes with its signature technology and cutting-edge designs. With the Amana GB2026PEKW, this brand keeps breaking new ground. Each set comes with a crisper drawer and user manuals to make installation and comfortable use possible.

Since the Amana Maytag brands came under Whirlpool, they keep springing up quality refrigerators.

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