About The Amana SRDE522VE

Amana refrigerators are known for their affordable product pricing. The refrigerators are premium in quality and look but are very relaxing for your budget. With an Amana freezer thus you can change the get up of your regular kitchen and make it ultra-modern.  Amana manufactures tons of highly capable refrigerators. The brand was found about 80 years back in 1934 in Amana, Iowa. Over the years, they improved and impressed their customers with excellence. The Amana SRDE522VE is yet another classic powerful stainless steel fridge/freezer by Amana with the facility of water and ice dispenser. Here is a brief review of this classic Amana fridge/freezer with all its specifications and downfalls. 


Amana SRDE522VE is pretty big and effective. It is a double door refrigerator that opens both from the left side and right side. You will get an ice maker that will produce ice for you with the push of your finger. Its frost-free technology will keep your food fresh and cool. There will be no unwanted frost inside your foodstuff in this awesome refrigerator. With 177 cm it got a decent height. The width is 91.5 cm. the classic silver colour and stainless steel corrosion free body makes it very durable and long-lasting and at the same time very attractive. 

Special Features

Maximum Cooling Mode

The max cooling mode will adjust the temperature to the coldest setting. And after 10 hours the temperature will automatically return to the previous setting. So you can change its temperature according to your convenience. Some food needs a cooler temperature than the others. You can set your choice here.

Vacation Mode

The vacation mode will defrost the refrigerator less often during extended non-use periods. To activate vacation mode, you will have to press the vacation pad. The indicator light will glow. You can deactivate the vacation mode by doing the same thing on repeat. Also opening the door of the freezer will deactivate the vacation mode. 

Fast Freezing Mode

You can even set the temperature of the Amana SRDE522VE into the fast freezing mode. This will immediately take in-charge to keep the food chill. After 24 hours, the temperature of the freezer will automatically return to the normal setting.

High-Temperature Alarm

It is another useful feature of the Amana SRDE522VE. The high-temperature Alarm will sound, and the indicator light will glow if the refrigerator temperature is high for two hours. A blinking light will signal the affected compartment. You can deactivate the high-temperature Alarm by pressing the Alarm Off pad. The Alarm will discontinue when it gets a proper chilling temperature.

Temperature Controlled Beverage Chiller

The beverage chiller section can keep the beverages up to 3 degrees cooler than the normal refrigerator section. The beverage chiller control is on the left front wall of the refrigerator section. This control adjusts the chilled air circulates inside the beverage chiller. You can even change the beverage chiller position for your storage needs.

Automatic Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

You can dispense chilled water by just pressing the glass or cup against the water dispenser paddle. And you can stop the flow of water by just releasing pressure on the paddle. To get freshly produced ice, you can select either cubed or crushed mode by sliding the lever on the dispenser panel. Here you can get ice by pressing the glass against the ice dispenser paddle. 

 The dispenser motor is designed to shut off after 3 to 5 seconds to avoid continuous dispense of ice and water. Then the motor will reset, and the dispensing can continue once again. The ice dispenser can only support certain shapes and sizes. So it would be best if you used the company provided ice cube maker only. Otherwise, crushed ice may jam the path. Then you will have to evaporate or wipe dry the excess ice.


  • Durable body of stainless steel
  • Gives you maximum space inside with a compact design from outside
  • You will get freshly frosted ice and soothingly chilled water by pushing the paddles.


  • Replacement parts are can be high.
  • Ice maker tends to work faulty sometimes.
  • Servicing charges can be high. 

The Bottom Line

So, overall, the Amana SRDE522VE is an excellent model of refrigerator. It will serve you well and for many years. Also, it is good in performance and quality. It has all the modern features to give you ultimate joy. And most importantly, it is not expensive. Amana is giving you everything at a very affordable price with this Amana SRDE522VE fridge/freezer. You must take a look at it.

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