About the Maytag GC225GEKB

Maytag is a prominent name in the world of refrigerator manufacturers. Each of their products is the outcome of their innovative effort to make their customer’s life simple and effortless. Thus each of Maytag refrigerators is simple to use and never fails to surprise you with their newness. Here we discuss one such outstanding all-rounder Maytag refrigerator; the Maytag GC225GEKB. We will let you know about its specialities, its plus points as well as its minuses. So keep reading.


The Maytag GC225GEKB is classy from every angle. It ticks all the requirements you may have from a refrigerator. The pure black colour makes it premium in looks and the innovative ice and water dispenser make it the most desirable. But that is not all. You will also get a water filter, easily accessible fully extendable crisper drawers, sleek beverage chillers, spill-proof slide-out glass elevator shelves, etc. all in one single model. 

It has a massive capacity to store up to 597 litres. So you can easily install this refrigerator in your kitchen. It is energy efficient and can save a lot of your money by the end of the year. It has humidity-controlled crispers. It has climate-controlled drawers that will keep your spinach or lettuce fresh and crisp. 

It has the smartness to defrost whenever needed. This will save energy by defrosting only when it is needed and also protect your food from turning into ice cubes. By using the electronic controls and pressing buttons, you can conveniently get ice or water and change the temperature. 

The dairy storage compartment is covered to make sensitive dairy items like milk and Cheese away from bacteria and other microorganisms. The glass shelves are spill-proof, and you can smoothly remove clean and wash them. You can easily create extra space by adjusting the deep door storage, removing door buckets, and freezer buckets. So overall this is a highly desirable all in one refrigerator that you can use for multiple purposes. Let’s talk about its unique features.

Special Features

Temperature Control

You can control the inner atmosphere of your Maytag GC225GEKB by simply touching the temperature control buttons at the front of the refrigerator compartment. There are features like speed ice, vacation mode, temp alarm, door alarm, Sabbath mode, etc. by changing modes you can get your desired temperature, and the alarms will let you know if the temperature goes up or down than expected.

Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers

You can control the humidity level of your crisper drawer. You can set it high for green leafy veggies and you and put it down to keep your fruits fresh and dry. 

Grip Pads

The work of the grip pads is to prevent objects from sliding in the door buckets. These grip pads are fully removable and washable with detergents.

Tall Bottle Retainer

Its work is to prevent tall bottles from tipping forward whenever you open the door. There is a snugger attached to the tall bottle retainer that keeps the bottles or containers in their place when you open or closes the refrigerator door. You can adjust it by sliding from side to side.

Temperature Controlled Drawer

You can use this drawer to store various items in bulk. It has a control to regulate the air temperature in the drawer. You can set the temperature to Cheese to store Cheese in the drawer. You can change it to Meat to store Meat inside.

Ice and Water Dispenser 

You will get fresh, chilled water, crushed or cubed ice just by pressing what you need. The dispenser lock will prevent unwanted water from being dispensed by the accidental press of the buttons. The water filter indicator keeps you informed about the condition of the filter and whether it needs a replacement or not.


  • Looks stunning with its pure shiny black colour
  • Spill-proof and adjustable shelves and buckets make your cleaning job effortless
  • Offer you a lot of space, and you can even adjust space by shifting and removing shelves and buckets. 
  • You will get fresh, chilled, filtered water and ice in just one touch.


  • The top fruit and vegetable drawer to comparatively small. On the other hand, the meat and dairy section is big, but you cannot store Meat and milk in the same space. Customers only have issues regarding the space management of this refrigerator.

The bottom line

Overall, it is an excellent refrigerator with the security of the Maytag. You will also get a handsome period of free repair and replacement from Maytag. So if you need a big refrigerator will all the modern facilities incarnated then nothing is better than the Maytag GC225GEKB.

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