Amana fridge/ refrigerator & freezer problems solved

My Amana ice maker is not making any ice?

Make sure the small metal bar is all the way down, also squeeze the small white filling pipe top right or top left behind the ice maker in the freezer and make sure it’s not frozen, then wait for approximately 6 hours if still, no ice call us on Offices: 0207 8709645 or Engineer: 07896 298411 and we will do will be happy to help.

There is water leaking from my freezer door?

Make sure that all your small food is in bags like peas, sweet corn etc and tried up otherwise it will come out and fall down the defrost drain and block the drain then the drain will fill with water and freeze up.

Then the next thing when the freezer goes into defrost the water will not run down the drain it will cascade down towards your freezer door and drip onto your kitchen floor.

People think that the fridge is leaking but as you know from the about it’s not and you know what the reason is.

You can not fix this yourself it requires an engineer as the freezer panel needs to be removed unblocked then the pipe at the rear needs to be removed and blown out with high-pressure air, then all put together tested and this will normally fix the problem.

My freezer door on my side by side fridge/freezer will not close?

  1. (1) Take out your icemaker bucket (2) Turn the plastic ring around 1/4 of a turn on the rear of the ice bucket (3) Replace the ice bucket and this should do the job.

My SBDE522VE Amana Fridge/Freezer has stopped working, But the lights are still on?

This could be a number of things, The evaporator fan in the freezer has stopped working, the thermostat for the fan or defrost has failed, the defrost heater has failed, the control panel has failed or the most serious 1 is there is a broken wire in the bottom of the fridge door this will stop the whole thing to stop working but the lights will remain on, this can be fixed we have a technical way to do this but it takes approximately 3hrs to carry out this repair as it’s very advanced.

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