Maytag Fridge Freezer

Built from quality materials and to the highest standard refrigerator is the most reliable, stylish and quality fridge freezer you can buy in UK. Maytag is well known for manufacturing high standard and durable appliances in the UK, may it be dishwashers, washing machines, fridge freezer or tumble dryers. Maytag has built a trusted reputation with it customers due to their reliable and long lasting appliances.

Maytag’s  2-door Fridge Freezers

Maytag fridge freezer is designed with features like the EvenAir cooling tower, which aids in holding the cold air, thus keeps the food cool without any struggle. With the touch of the button you keep everything cool, since the fridge comes with a Power Cold feature. The optional EZ Connect ice maker makes it easy for you, when you actually need to chill out with the bucket of ice as it removes all the stress of adding ice maker to your Maytag Fridge Freezer.  In addition it takes just a few minutes to install the EZ Connect ice maker.

This fridge also features a BrightSeries LED lighting, which uses less power than luminous bulbs. Also comes with 2 clear crisper drawers which are ideal for storing fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also store your favorite beverages such as milk in jugs or juice in cartons in the spacious Gallon door bins. There are numerous benefits you can gain from this kind of fridge freezer.

Maytag’s  3-door Fridge Freezers

No matter what your needs are or the space of your kitchen; Maytag refrigerator 3-door fridge freezer will always be good enough for your kitchen. Maytag fridge features stainless steel handles to hold onto, and strongbox door hinges that are made of durable and strong material to help in sealing the cold air. This 3-door fridge freezer is designed for the long haul. Nothing adds premium feel and look like the frameless glass shelves and the BrightSeries LED lightening. It is designed to keep your drinks ice cold and food fresh as it comes with a factory installed ice maker and humidity controlled FreshLock crispers.

6 signs your Fridge Freezer needs repair

Silent compressors, ice on the walls, puddles of water are some of the signs your fridge needs repair or replacement. It is sometimes very difficult to figure out whether your faulty fridge needs a bit of repair or replacement. Below are some of the signs that may indicate your fridge needs repair or replacement with a newer model;

●   You food keeps expiring even before the expire date

So you just stocked your fridge with fresh foodstuffs, but some foods just expired even though they are yet in date. That can’t be alright! When stuffs like this keeps happening it is a sign your Maytag fridge needs check up so that it can be repaired or replaced. What could be wrong with your fridge?

✔ Thermostat malfunction- your fridge thermostat might not be functioning properly.

✔ Dust condenser coils- your fridge condenser coils might be covered with dust.

✔ Motor could be working overtime- sometimes when your condenser coils are too hot your fridge motor will work overtime.

●   The light are still on but your fridge isn’t making any noise

We are all familiar with the sound the hum of a refrigerator makes. Imagine a case where the usual sound is no more, is that right? That is bad news. Such a case might mean you have a broken compressor. To make sure you your fridge has a problem, you can try turning the thermostat to its coldest setting, if this doesn’t start your compressor, then it might be broken or dead. Other ways you can check it are;

✔ Defrost your fridge

✔ Turn your fridge off for 24 hours.

✔ After 24 hour are over, switch it own to figure out whether the sound is back

If your fridge has started working again, the problem can be fixed. Most likely it defrost systems has malfunctioned and needs to be repaired.

●   Ice or frost is building up on your fridge walls

Generally your fridge should not be freezing but cold. Thus if you have frost build up in your fridge walls, that is bad news. The best solution for such a case is replacing it with a new Maytag fridge model.

●   Produces a banging noise

When the compressor is working smoothly a healthy fridge will produce low humming noise. In case it produces a banging noise or the humming stopping and starting, then your fridge needs check up. What could be the cause of the banging noise?

✔ Compressor fly wheel or motor shaft are loose

✔ Malfunctioning Compressor

✔ Faulty condenser coils or condenser fans.

●   Puddle of water around the fridge

Having a puddle of water around your fridge can be messy and bad news too. This could be an indication your fridge is faulty, and it can also leave you with a slippery floor to clean up. If you fridge has a puddle of water it could mean the following;

✔ Poorly shut door due to worn out seals

✔ Broken drip pan- you can check this by removing the pan and pouring water into it.

✔ A lot of frost inside your fridge- to prevent such cases you should defrost your fridge regularly but if you have been doing so but you still have a lot of frost inside the fridge, then it is time to replace it.

●   Others

✔ Your energy bills are going up

✔ The freezer is cold yet the fridge is too warm

So you have been experiencing the above problems but you don’t know where to ask for help. Don’t worry anymore! Though Maytag fridge freezers are well known for their reliability and durability, sometimes they might need repair. Don’t look further Acr Repairs we are very popular for our quality services in London. We have many years of expertise and we will repair your Maytag Fridge Freezer  back to it perfect condition at a pocket friendly price. You can check our great reviews and ratings from customers and it leaves no doubt we are the best appliances repair in London.

We have all the skills and experience necessary in repairing Maytag fridge, having a trusted reputation then be assured your fridge is in good hands. Our skills make it possible to repair your fridge during the first visit. Is your fridge freezer or any other appliance faulty? Don’t hesitate to Call us (acr repairs) 0207 8709465 or mobile 07896 298411 today!

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