Refrigerator Leaking Water

Do you notice that your refrigerator starts leaking water for any reason unknown to you? Not to worry; it is actually a common problem. In this simple write-up, you are going to learn one or two things that can be done to if the problem and make your refrigerator functional again like ever before. Many of the leaks are very easy to repair.

Leak from lower front of your refrigerator

If the leak is occurring at the freezer door or the lower front of the refrigerator, it is most probably due to clogged drain tubes, which occurs when the refrigerator self-defrosts. All you have to do to fix the problem is to fix the clog.

Steps to follow

  • First of all, unplug the refrigerator from power source
  • Next, check properly to find out where the refrigerator is draining the defrosted water. In most cases, the defrosted water is usually directed into a pan located at the bottom of your refrigerator by a channel or tube. In the event you do not know where this is located, you can check the user’s manual.
  • Lift off the cover panel. There are times you may also have to remove the floor panel too, depending on the brand of refrigerator.
  • Next, remove the channel or bottom end drain from the refrigerator and then pass the tube inside a bucket to collect melted water.
  • Afterwards, remove the upper part of the channel or tube. Use towel or bucket to collect any water that may flow out of the defroster.
  • Thaw any frozen areas in the drain tube using a hair dryer. In order to feel for the stiff or frozen section in the tube, gently move it around or squeeze it.
  • Next, you can place the upper part of the tube right under a faucet. To dislodge any clog found in the tube, you can run hot air through it. Make sure however that there is adequate space in the bucket to remove any excess liquid from the bottom of the tube once the obstruction is removed
  • Finally, reattach the drain channel or tube once you finish with the outlined process.

Other remedies

Aside the above, the leak can equally occur from under the front part of the refrigerator. The leak in this situation can originate from the inlet line or the drip pan. What to do in such situation is to check the inlet line travelling to the bottom of the dispenser for any leak. Tighten the connection if the line is leaking.

Furthermore, check for any crack or hole in the line. Replace the line if there is any crack or hole. Check the drip pan also if there is incorrect placement. Cracks or holes can equally occur on the drip pain. Put any incorrect placement problem in order and purchase new drip pan if there are holes or cracks on the current one.

The drip pan replacement must however be done in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. If none of these efforts yield the desired result, it is high time you linked up with a qualified technician to help out. Do not forget that home remedies have their limits.

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