What are the Common Maytag Refrigerator Problems and How to Solve Them?

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Maytag fridges generally provide long-lasting and beneficial services to their customers. The fridges are designed especially for giving a long time hassle-free services to the consumers. There is one evaporator for the refrigerator and the freezer so that it can cool down things exactly in what temperature they require. These features make the Maytag fridges user friendly and a reliable product. But everything has its expiry date. No matter what brand refrigerator you are using it will face troubles in someday. The issues with Maytag refrigerators are very common and similar to other branded refrigerators. Here are some common problems with Maytag fridges and their possible solutions.

The Water Dispenser is Not Working Properly

If the water dispenser of your Maytag fridge stops working, then it is not a very big trouble. You can solve it yourself. Fixing a broken water dispenser is not a very big deal. 

  • Suppose your water dispenser stops working then at first check the water supply pipe to your fridge is working. While checking, disconnect the supply pipe at the wall and see if the water is coming out from the supply. If that is OK the tube could be frozen to your dispenser; the waterline may get frozen. To solve this problem, let your Maytag fridge switched off for some time approximately 24 hrs. This will melt down the frozen water inside the water tube, and everything should be okay again. 
  • Also, figure out if your home’s water pressure is OK or not.
  • If The water supply pressure is normal, then it could be the water inlet valve, but you will need to call a Maytag fridge engineer to check this as this is a technical procedure to test. For preventing this problem in the future, you need to follow the guidelines from Maytag and keep your refrigerator’s temperature at (4° C). If you set it cooler than the recommended guidelines, then this type of problem may occur again.

Water Dispenser

The Maytag Fridge is Not Cooling Properly

After a very long time of service, every fridge shows up this trouble. But don’t worry as we are here to give you suggestions to fix your Maytag refrigerator’s cooling problems. So if your fridge has cooling issues follow these steps-

  • At first, check the condenser coils are clean. They are generally situated on the underside body of the refrigerator. There work to pass refrigerant or coolant to reduce the excess operational heat inside the fridge. If there is any dirt, gunk, or any other substance covering it, then it will not cool down the fridge like before. To solve this issue, you need to clean the coils with a good strong hoover.
  • If your condenser coil is perfect, then check the condenser fan motor is going round. The work of it is to take in air from the condenser coil and push it over the fridge’s compressor. You will have to check if there is any blockage that preventing the condenser fan from moving correctly or not. If it is not moving then clean it and try to move it with your hand if even after cleaning the dirt and debris it is not moving, then you will have to call an engineer to replace your Maytag condenser fan motor.
  • Another problem creating part can be the evaporator fan motor. Its work is to pull air through the cooling coils and then push it across the entire fridge and its compartments to make the air inside the fridge cold. In Maytag fridges, it locates in one of the freezer compartments. You can get a sign of its trouble if your freezer is not getting cold by putting your hand in the freezer compartment, but you may need to hold the door switch you should feel cold air moving around if not you need to call an engineer to replace your Maytag evaporator fan motor.

Maytag Fridge

The Ice Maker Is Not Making Ice

If your ice maker is not making ice or taking too much time to make ice then here are some solutions for you-

  • The first thing is very simple. Check the temperature setting of your Maytag freezer. The problem may be straightforward. Your freezer may be running at a temperature that is too high for it to form ice cubes. Make the temperature -18 Celius. And if it is still not making ice then check the condenser coil and fan motor just like in the case of Maytag refrigerator not staying cold.
  • There is a nifty motor in the module of the ice machine. If the module is not working, then it will not cycle through dispensing newly formed ice and refilling water for the next batch to form. Make sure that the door alarm is off and the bail arm is facing down. Also, check if there is any ice freezing in the arms in place and causing them to get stuck.
  • If there is a genuine issue that you are not able to fix, then the last option is to get it replaced by a qualified Maytag technician, the ice maker unit. The part of this unit is not sold separately so you will have to replace the whole unit and this can be a bit expensive. Before replacement, do check the waterline, the inlet valve, and the fan motor to be sure about any other issues.

Maytag Ice Maker

The Maytag Refrigerator is Making Loud Noise

A little bit of noise is normal. Any electrical appliance will make some noise. But if it gets excessively loud, then something is wrong there. Here are some examinations that you can do before handing it to any repairer-

  • If you hear a loud and whirring sound when you open the fridge door, then the possible problem is with the fan blades. If there is ice build-up on the fan and motor, then this type of sound happens. Defrost the freezer and see if the ice goes from the evaporator fan blades. See whether it is blocked by anything or not. The evaporator fan can also be under the fridge in the freezer in some Maytag fridges.
  • If the first point is not the issue in your case, then you will have to check the compressor. This part is in the back of the fridge, behind the back panel. Listen if this part is making a loud noise or not. If this is the noisemaker, then don’t worry as even after making noises most of the compressors run perfectly for years. Compressors are expensive, and it is not a good idea to replace it just for noise. You cannot fix the problem of a compressor. For this problem, you will have to call a professional and get it repaired.

The Bottom Line

We hope these solutions help you to fix common and simple problems regarding your Maytag refrigerator. But this process is time taking, and even a small mistake or misplace can cause you severe loss. Your fridge can get damaged entirely. So if you feel it is out of your reach then contact us as we are professionals in repairing Maytag Fridge Freezers. It will cost you a bit, but in the end, you will get your fridge back completely normal and ready to serve condition.

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