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Amana is a company that is popular over the years for making high-quality products, especially freezers and refrigerators. The well known Amana XRSS264 American Fridge Freezer is proof of the company’s advanced research and development and its long term experience in designing products with commendable outlook and performance. This is a highly rated unit that is made up of stainless steel front supported by a black side which is the ideal match for decor in most kitchens.

A general description of this freezer unit is that it this a frost-free design, free-standing supported by side by side doors. Right on the freezer door, there is convenient ice and cold water dispenser which is often required and therefore is designed for frequent use. This is made easy to use without the need of opening the freezer door to get ice. It is important as it saves a lot of time and energy and is handy. The total area of the set is 599 litres which are distributed between the fridge and freezer compartment. By viewing the refrigerator space closely, it can be seen the shelves are very convenient to use and are made of tempered glass, moreover, the shelves are strong, smash proof and easily cleanable. As the area has deep door storage and adjustable shelves, the food products can be placed and stored easily in a perfect arrangement. The shelves can be easily removed if the containers or bottles are taller; thus the entire space is easily adjustable. The vegetable drawer also provides the option of humidity control which helps to keep the vegetables fresh and edible for a long time. The 4-star freezer has the ability to minimize the energy costs and keeps the frozen products easily approachable so that the user would not have to the door open all along. Even when there is a loss of power, melting or spoiling is not a concern for about 24 hours.

Main Features of the Freezer

The main features of the freezer are given below.

    • Primary Features
    • Automatic Icemaker
    • When using the ice maker of the freezer for the first time, confirm that the ice bin is in the right place and the ice maker arm is held below. Once the freezer section is at a temperature between 0° to 2°F ice maker will fill with water and will start functioning. The first yield of ice requires around 24 hours after the installation. The ice formed within the first 12 hours of operation is to be disposed of to confirm the set-up is free from any kind of impurities. Then it is to be confirmed that the ice bin is in place and the ice maker arm is kept below. Confirm the ice bin is in place and the ice maker arm is down. Once the temperature of the freezer reaches 0° to 2°F, the icemaker fills with water and begins the service. The complete yield of ice is produced about every 3 hours. The production of the ice can however also be stopped by lifting the ice maker’s arm until a click is heard.
    • Shelves Ice Service Rack
    • The ice rack is installed in a few steps. For installation, slide the L-shaped groove of the shelf down over the rear wall screw. Push rack back until the screw is stopped in an L-shaped groove (1). Slide front portion of shelf over front wall screw. The steps are repeated in reverse order to remove.
    • Drawers
    • Wire Basket
    • The basket can be taken out by detaching it from the extension. The front of the basket is then slanted upwards and pulled straight out. For installation, the basket is inserted into refrigerator liner rails and pushed back into place.
    • Door Storage
    • Fixed Door Shelf
    • The fixed door shelf provides convenient storage for frozen food items in the freezer door.
    • Tilt-Out Bin
    • The tilt-out bin facilities easy storage for frozen food items in the freezer door and slants onward to make the food products accessible.
    • Accessories

Ice Cube Tray

      • This feature is supported by a few models. The ice cube tray gives ample space to freeze the cubes for a controlled supply of ice.

Lower Basket Divider

This feature is also supported by a few models. The lower basket separator facilitates the division of baskets into a few parts. To remove and replace the divider, it is pulled straight upwards. And to install again, the top corners of the dividers are hooked over the horizontal basket rungs.

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