Maytag and Amana refrigerators are leading refrigerators in the United States and United Kingdom today and it had been exported to other countries around the world and the end users are very happy with the performances of the refrigerators. There had been reports of top class performance and many more people are recognizing the special places of these refrigerators. These products have been able to cut niches for themselves in the refrigerator industry and their superiority is not in doubt in any way. If you are not using any of these refrigerators yet, you will do well to try them out and you will never regret your choice in the least.

Be that as it may, both Maytag refrigerator and Admiral Refrigerators do develop faults along the line; no electrical or mechanical equipment is immune to this. Before it however develops such fault, you would have used it for many years. In the event your Maytag or Admiral side by side refrigerator develops any fault over time and you do not want to buy another yet, you only need to implement simple repair techniques to put it in order again. There are equally some simple maintenance processes you can carry out to ensure longevity of the refrigerator. Some of these will be looked into below.

If properly cared for, the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators will last for a very long time. Some of the best ways to care for these refrigerators will be discussed below. The methods discussed here are not so difficult to carry out. In actual fact, you will not require help from any technician or repair expert to carry out these simple maintenance tips that will elongate the lifespan of your refrigerator. Many of the tips to be discussed below can be obtained in your users manuals. You can consult these manuals to care appropriately for the refrigerators.

Rule of thumb

You must always go along with the guideline given by the manufacturers while caring for either the Maytag or Admiral side by side refrigerator. Their recommendations were put together after deeply studying the components of these refrigerators and whatever they had prepared can be relied on to ensure your refrigerator is consistently functional. You must ensure the settings are in accordance to what the manufacturers have recommended. The freezer for one must be set at the coolness level recommended by the manufacturer. When you want to change the water filter, it must be done according to what the manufacturer has stated. Do you need to clean the condenser coils? Make sure you never forget what has been outlined in the user manual on how to get it changed. Keeping to these instructions will ensure the longevity of both the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators.

Effecting repair

As hinted earlier, there are times the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators will develop one form of fault or the other. When this happens, it is in your best interest to consult the manufacturers. This is very important if you still have warranty on the refrigerators. You must never attempt to repair the refrigerator by yourself if there is still warranty on it. If you do, you will void the warranty and will have to pay for repair in the event you contact the manufactures after tampering with any component in the refrigerator against manufacturer’s recommendation.

In the event you do not have warranty on the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators anymore, make sure you only contact experts in refrigerator repairs that have undergone factory certification courses in Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators repairs. Such technicians must have undergone some extensive training in refrigerator repair before you should hand over your Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators to them. Such repairmen would understand the computerized features in the refrigerators and they will understand how to easily repair them.

Point to note

You will be able to elongate the lifespan of your Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators if you care for them accordingly. You will equally be able to prevent any unwanted and expensive repair. If they are cared for appropriately, you will not have to make any replacement in the refrigerators for a very long time. One of the common maintenance tips is to get the condenser coil cleaned more regularly. Aside this, the vent panel should never be left dirty. Consequently, the fridge will be able to work at the highest level of efficiency possible. It will equally be able to cool the items placed in it at a faster rate. The amount of electrical energy consumed by the refrigerators will equally be reduced a great deal and this will help you save some money off energy consumption.

Maintenance suggestions

Some of the important maintenance tips you must keep in mind while handling your Maytag and

Admiral side by side refrigerators will be looked into below:

  • Some hair and lint can hang in the condenser coils of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators. This occurs especially if the condenser has been left for so long without being cleaned. Best thing to do in this situation is to get the condenser coils vacuumed. As hinted earlier, the manufacturers have specifically stated some important recommendations that can make the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators function to the optimum. You must adhere strictly to these recommendations in order to get the best out of the refrigerators. For example, make sure the temperatures in the refrigerators are set in accordance with regulations and guidelines already made available by the manufacturers; this will ensure maximum working efficiency of the refrigerators.
  • Check the icemakers of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators and check if there is no mildew speck in it. Effect necessary correction if such occurs. You can contact any of the trained experts in Maytag and admiral side by side refrigerators repair to help out.
  • One other important aspect of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators to check are the water filters. Check them for any damage whatsoever. Once you notice any damage in them, get them changed without any delay. It is even advisable not to wait till the water filters get damaged before effecting changes; you can decide to change them periodically, depending on the frequency of use of the refrigerators. When changing the water filters, make sure only genuine filters are used.
  • The door seals and the gaskets must also be properly cared for. They should be kept very clean all the time, as this will make them close better and prevent the air in the refrigerators from escaping, which will negatively impact the cooling ability of the fridge and cause increase in energy consumption. In order to ensure complete cleanness of the door seal, wipe them down by first using a damp cloth. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to wipe off any leftover dampness. Make sure the door seal is in good contact always. Leaving the door open by even a micro-inch can lead to increased power consumption as the refrigerators would have to increase their activities to meet up with the lost energy. If the doors do not close well even after you have affected the cleaning described above, it is time to consult a trained repairer to help look into things.
  • The ice bucket in the Maytag and admiral side by side refrigerators must be regularly emptied too to ensure optimum functioning of the refrigerators. You must always carry this out, if especially you are not making use of much ice.
  • Make sure you regularly empty the water tray too. Water does gather in the tray and it can spill over into the refrigerator and drench things stored in it. Make sure the tray is emptied regularly to prevent this. Frequency will depend on how often you experience cut in power supply.

How to buy spare parts

There are some spare parts or accessories that you can fix by yourself at home without involving the trained technicians; good example of such is the water filter. In fact, manufacturers of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators have outlined steps in their user’s manuals on how to effect these changes. When buying such accessories, make sure you only buy from trustworthy outlets. It is better to buy only from accredited outlets to ensure you get top quality. There are times the outlets repairing these refrigerators also sell the accessories. You can decide to buy from such repair outlets to ensure you get top quality.


Whenever you notice that the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators are getting overheated, it is high time you consulted the trained technicians. Such overheating can lead to fire hazards. Such overheating occurs especially when the relay experiences electrical failure; the relay is the components of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators responsible for turning the compressors on. As hinted earlier, never attempt to repair the refrigerators by yourself if there is still warranty on them. Remember also to always buy accessories only from reliable outlets where you can get top quality. Consider affordability too while buying these accessories.

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