How to resolve a Maytag fridge leaking water from the ice maker

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There are a lot of people who cannot live without refrigerators anymore in the modern world. A lot of food would need to be cooled inside the fridge. Others would need to be frozen. Without the fridge, food will not last for a long time. They will spoil easily in room temperature and this will lead to even more wastes. Some people cannot live without their own fridge.

There are certain things that having a refrigerator has made it easier for people to live:

l  It has stopped the possibility of bacteria growing on food because it was not stored at the right temperature.

l  The fridge has reduced the amount of food wastes that people have. Some food will spoil before people can eat them all.

l  It can keep food and beverages like water cool. Fruits that have been refrigerated usually taste better as compared to fruits that are served in room temperature.

Take note that the fridge and freezer would need to be maintained properly. Take time to clean them and make sure to defrost from time to time. Some would allow you to defrost automatically. You may need to drain the water from the fridge and freezer too. There are different refrigerator brands and products that are available right now. One of the most trusted refrigerator brands right now is Maytag.

If your having an issue with your Maytag, see our Maytag fridge repair page.

Why Choose Maytag Refrigerators?

Take a look at the different refrigerator brands that are available. There are some professionals who replace different fridge parts when they go bad. After after defrosting and draining, some parts are not working anymore. Most of them say that Maytag offers reliable features that can be used by the customers for a long time.

These are some of the things that you can expect to live with when you search for the right product from the company:

l  There are usually different evaporators for the refrigerator and the freezer so that the food products placed in the refrigerator will thrive in the right temperature. The freezer will also have its own temperature to keep some products frozen.

l  Their refrigerators usually come with a Power Cold feature which means that it will be easier for the fridge to come back to its original temperature even after you have opened it for quite some time.

l  Some of the refrigerators will come with an ice dispensing system. There is no need to get some trays anymore to get ice cubes.

Of course, the time will come when your fridge will probably need to be given certain services to ensure that it is still working properly and not having any leakage. Always read details about the products that you are planning to buy. It is your right as a customer to know details about each product model that you are considering to get.

What is an Ice Maker?

Creating hot water can be different from creating ice. To get hot water, you simply need to boil regular water. To create ice, you need a lot of tools. It can be very convenient for a customer to have an icebox at home. There is no need for them to think about placing the trays inside the refrigerator when they need a lot of ice. People do not have to purchase ice from the grocery or from convenience stores anymore because they would have it whenever they need it.

The item will usually rely on the temperature setting of the freezer where the ice machine is connected. It will also rely on the overall power of the refrigerator. Without the help of temperature and power, the ice maker will not be able to create the product properly.

Why is Your Ice Maker Leaking Water?

There are different possible reasons why your item is starting to leak water inside your ice bucket. The search for the reason why can be a bit frustrating when you do not know what to look for. You need to know the root of the problem so that you can address it and fix it immediately. Otherwise, you would need to deal with leakage all the time. These are some of the possible reasons:

l  The ice machine is not level with the freezer or the fridge.

l  There may be an issue with the water line.

l  The fill cup may be having some issues.

l  The inlet switch or the inlet valve may be causing the leak.

l  Clogged tubes

Now that you know the potential reasons why your ice machine model is leaking water, you can start to drain the excess water and look at the parts of your ice machine one by one.

Reassemble the Ice Maker with the Freezer or the Refrigerator

You may simply need to level the ice maker with the freezer or the refrigerator model so that the leaks would stop. Dealing with leaks is not the way to live. Assembling the ice machine with the rest of your Maytag refrigerator model can be a bit complicated when you do not know what to do. The product usually comes with some instructions that you can follow. If not, you can hire professionals to do the assembly for you.

You need to use levelling legs so that the height of the ice maker can be adjusted properly. The levelling that you will do will depend on where you are going to use the ice machine. If there is water inside the machine, drain it before reassembling. If you would turn the levelling leg to the right, you will properly lower the ice machine. If you turn it to the right, you will make the ice maker go a bit higher.

Water Supply Line Issue

If it is the water inlet valve that is responsible for providing the amount of water that is needed by the maker to create ice. There are instances when it does not get enough water so instead of the water forming into ice, it drips into the ice bucket instead. Do not forget to do the following:

l  Double check if the connections of the water supply leaks.

l  Tighten the different connections that you can see and try to see if the leaks have disappeared.

Fill Cup is Misaligned

One of the reasons why your Maytag refrigerator model is having some issues is because of the fill cup. You may have cleaned it recently and you were not able to put it back properly. It is usually just a misalignment issue that you can easily resolve by aligning the fill cup again. Once you are sure that the fill cup has been fixed, you can get your ice machine working properly again.

Check the Inlet Switch or Water Inlet Valve

There may be times when the inlet switch has already become corroded. When this happens, you may need to call a professional to have this replaced. You may also replace it on your own but if you do not know how to do it, the repair of the switch or valve is something that you should leave to the professionals.

What if the leak is still occurring after the inlet switch has been replaced? You can look at the water inlet valve instead. These are the steps that you should follow to do this:

l  Unplug your fridge from the outlet.

l  Disconnect the water from the unit.

l  Prepare the bucket that will allow you to drain the water when you try to look at the line. The supply line will probably have water in it that you have to drain. You may need to replace the water once the machine is working again. Look for the valve.

l  Use a multi meter on the water inlet valve. This will allow you to see if there are some mechanical or electrical issues that are happening.

l  If there are some issues that are found on the water inlet valve, you would need to replace it or call a technician.

Once again, you may choose to have professionals who will do the repair or replacement of the water inlet valve for you. You are also recommended to search and look at the rest of your fridge before contacting professionals so that if there are issues that need to be addressed, they can be fixed.

The Tubes are Clogged

There are times when the tube that is leading to the bin where the ice is supposed to form is clogged. Since the water will not go anywhere but back again, the water will start leaking into the ice bucket where you have placed the fridge model. The best thing to do is to drain the clogged water. Some say that this is one of the most common issues that they have encountered. Once this has been addressed and repaired, the Maytag ice maker model is supposed to work as usual. Turn on the machine again and see if it is going to clog again. If yes, then you should drain the water again and call a professional.

Manually Check Your Ice Maker

Now that you already have an idea about the potential issues that are causing your ice maker to act up, you need to know how to scrutinise your ice machine model from time to time. The faster that you are able to catch the issues of your product, the easier it will be for you to repair it.

Do remember that each product will have a few differences when it comes to checking the ice maker model. Do not forget to read the instructions so that you will not break the ice maker model unintentionally.

1. Remove the ice bin so that you will see the ice maker model without any obstructions. Remember to slide the bin from the freezer properly so that it will not cause any potential issues.

2.  You need to turn off the fridge model for about 15 minutes. If you need to drain water, then drain. Look for the power switch that is normally on the wall of the fridge/freezer.

3.  Press down the paddle beneath the ice mould. You need to do this about three times so that the ice maker model can become manually activated.

What if you would need to check an ice maker that come with a wire arm sensor? This is considered to be the more common type of ice maker that you can repair. Once again, make sure to drain the water from the machine first.

1.  Use wire strippers to cut the electrical wire. You need to remove about 1/2 inch from each end of the wire.

2.  Look for the square cover of your ice box and remove it by wiggling back and forth.

3.  The gear that is beneath the cover will be revealed to you.

4.  Look for the round openings that are located beneath the gear.

5.  Using for the bare ends of the electrical wire, you can start your ice box manually again. Remember to make sure that the water has been drained before attempting to do this.

These methods will work especially if you feel that your ice maker would need to defrost, drain, clean, and refresh.


It can be frustrating when your ice maker model starts to leak inside the freezer. As a customer, you would like read enough information that will inform you of the potential reasons why your ice maker is not working properly. Do not forget to drain and clean your ice machine whenever possible. You can always try to fix things up on your own but if you feel that this will only be a waste of time, effort, and money, you can definitely hire professionals who will repair some parts of the product and the rest of the problems found.

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