The Most Common Maytag Fridge/Freezer Problems

If you have just bought a Maytag fridge or freezer and you want to keep it functional always, then you need to be aware of all the common faults that can occur in this fridge or freezer. This will keep you informed and keep you prepared for emergencies and eventualities. In this write-up, you will get to learn about some of the common faults traceable to Maytag fridge and freezer.

A cracking, bubbling sound

This cannot be referred to as a fault really. So when you hear this noise in your fridge or freezer, do not get worked up over anything. It is a normal sound being made by the fridge in the course of refrigerant gas circulation through the coil to affect cooling in the fridge and ice formation in the freezer.

Beeping sound or door alarm

This can occur when the fridge door is not properly closed. The first thing to do when you hear such a sound is to check if the door is properly closed. If the sound does not stop after closing the fridge’s door, then it must be due to something else. At this point, you should call on a qualified technician to check the fridge or freezer for you.

A periodic loud, cracking sound

This is due to the defrost heater getting heated up during the defrost cycle. The temperature change that occurs during the healing process will lead to expansion and contraction of the pipework, which causes the periodic crackling sound. It is nothing to worry about. However, make sure the fridge or freezer does not have a problem getting cool or frozen again.

Noisy fan motor

This happens when ice builds up and reaches the fan area. The ice then leans on or touches the trim pat and causes the motor windings to start vibrating against the fan crawling. The best thing to do in this regard is to unplug the fridge or freezer and allow it to warm up and defrost. If the problem persists after you switch it on again, it may be time to call in a qualified technician.

Cooling problem

This problem will set up the System Fault Alarm built into the Maytag fridge and freezer. The alarm gets activated whenever the evaporator sensor is unable to detect a decrease in temperature to 0oC from 4.5oC, which should be the case after the compressor has started up. When you notice this problem, you should call on a qualified technician.

Sensor fault alarm

The alarm comes up after the control is built into the fridge and freezer detects an NTC resistance value that is higher than 200 Kohmn and a short circuit if it is lower than 400 ohms. The sensor is signalled by an LED indicator light along with the acoustic alarm.


If the fridge or freezer is still within the warranty period, Maytag will be responsible for any repair that is affected by it. The reverse is the case if the warranty has expired. In that case, make sure you only call on a qualified, licensed and insured technician, who has many years of experience in repairing Maytag & Amana repair services.

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