Without delving into irrelevant, this write up will show you ten tips that can help reduce running cost on your freezer and cool the freezer in a way that energy bill will not put hole in your pocket.

Keep it full: You do not need to overcrowd it, but make sure it is as full as you can make it. The full state will make the freezer operate more efficiently and effectively.

Cool the food before freezing the food: Before you put anything in the freezer, allow it to cool first, as this reduces the effort the freezer would have to make to get the food cooled. This also helps to cool the freezer faster.

Always close the freezer door: Cold air escapes fast when the door of the freezer is opened and energy is lost in the process. Reduce the frequency of opening the freezer and this will ensure you do not file for bankruptcy over energy bill.

Leave the temperate at normal: The temperature in your freezer should be around -18oC, while that in the fridge should be around 5oC. Anything lower than this will force the refrigerator to do more work and consume more energy

Defrost regularly: The freezer consumes more energy when it has so much ice in it. Make sure you defrost once the ice in the freezer is above 1cm thick.

The best way to thaw: You can conserve energy usage in the fridge by thawing your food in it after taking the food out of the freezer.

Where to locate the fridge: Your fridge must not be placed too close to any source of heat as this will increase energy needed to cool the freezer. Make sure there is adequate space within it to ensure easy air flow all around the interior.

Remove dust from condenser coil: It is not in your best interest to have dust settle on the condenser coil. Check regularly for such and get it removed without hesitation.

Check the seal: Loose seal can lead to lost energy. Make sure the seal on the door is intact always to efficiently cool the freezer.

What type to buy: Only energy efficient fridges must be purchased. Look for one that has the Energy Star mark on it and go for it.

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