A lot of people cannot live without refrigerators anymore. It is through their refrigerator that they are able to keep their food that they will share with the rest of the family. In the refrigerator, food will stay fresh for a longer period of time. They can also keep their beverages cool. Refrigerators usually come with an ice bin wherein all of the cubes will be stored. It can make getting ice an easier experience for users. There are times when the cubes just stick to the ice maker. This is not something that you have to worry about. It does not mean that your refrigerator is not working fine. This simple question can be given a simple answer too. Consider the potential reasons and check your refrigerator first before you start to search for a repairman.

Infrequent Use of the Ice Bin

One answer why the ice cube is sticking to the ice bin is you are not using the ice maker as frequently as expected. In the winter, you really cannot imagine drinking anything cold. When you do not use your ice container frequently, the water will start to melt below freezing temperature and condense. The moment that they condense, they will start to freeze again which makes the water make the cubes start sticking together. You may try to use your refrigerator more frequently and check if the problem will be resolved.

The Moisture Level In the Ice Bin is Too High

Do you know that the level of moisture found in the freezer can be another factor for your cubes that may stick together? The moisture will make ice stick together and they will be harder to break apart. The moisture may get in the freezer through some of the areas that may not be properly sealed. If there are some parts of your refrigerator that seems damaged, those should be fixed soon. The moment that you repair the damage, your problem will be solved. You can reduce the possibility of crystals that stick together.

Temperature In the Ice Bin is Too Warm

Water would need to be in a certain temperature so that it will stay frozen. If there is an abnormal fall in the temperature of your freezer, you can expect that the ice will all start to melt and will start clumping. The moment that the temp reverts back to its original temperature to make the ice freeze again, the cubes will start to freeze in their molten state and do some clumping. Experiencing power failure is one of the reasons why ice crystals may start to melt. The moment that the power goes back on, the temperature in the ice maker will start to go back to its original temperature.

Another potential reason why the temp in the freezer has turned warmer is you have left the door open for a long time. You may do this when you are trying to arrange the frozen food inside your freezer. If you would like to avoid this issue from happening, remove the half melted ice crystals in your ice bin before putting it back. This will reduce the possibility of clumping. Remember to close the door of the refrigerator after every use.

I want to share my story about the time that my cubes have started sticking together. I have forgotten to close my refrigerator door and I went to go to the park for three hours. When I got back, my frozen food are not frozen anymore. My ice do not resemble ice crystals. There was no need for a repair. It was just negligence on my part that caused the problem.

Defrost Cycle is Happening Too Often

It is quite normal for your freezer to do the defrost cycle every now and then but what if it is defrosting too much? It can definitely lower the temperature in your ice bin and cause the ice crystals to partially melt. They would revert back to being ice cubes again. One thing that you can do is to change the thermostat settings. If you know that the current temp is causing too many defrost cycles, make the temperature a little bit cooler. You also need to dispose of the ice that have gotten stuck together so that you can get better ice cubes next time.

Your Refrigerator Light Stays on When Closed

It is normal for your refrigerator light to turn on whenever you open it especially when you are in a dark room. Yet, what happens when you close your refrigerator and your light is still on? The light can cause the temp in the refrigerator or the freezer to become warmer. This can then subsequently lead to the melting of the ice cubes inside the ice bin. The best solution to this problem is search for a professional repairman that can assess and fix the problem easily.

Your Freezer Does Not Have Enough Food

People will usually recommend that you need to have a freezer that is about 3/4 full to ensure that the temp will still be regulated even when your freezer starts its defrost cycle. When there isn’t enough food, there will not be enough frozen items that will start to cool down which can make the temp relatively higher. The higher temperature can make the ice cubes melt and start to freeze again once the defrost cycle is done.

If you know that you just cannot store too much food in your freezer, you may choose to increase the temperature of the thermostat as needed. This will prevent the heat from hitting the ice cubes and making the ice cubes clump together.

Monitor the Amount of Ice You Use

You may think that the ice cubes that you have in the ice bin will never go bad. They will always remain as ice cubes but the more that you store old ice cubes, the higher the chances that the new ones will melt onto the older ice cubes. You can have one big chunk of ice that you need to chisel to remove the clump. Regulate the amount of ice cubes that you have in the ice bin to reduce clumping.


There are many potential reasons why your ice cubes have stuck together to your ice compartment.If you have not found the answer to the question, you can search for professional repairmen instead. There may be some mechanical issues that need to be addressed at the soonest possible time. They will check the ice bin and the rest of your refrigerator thoroughly. The faster the issue is fixed, the higher the chances that you will not have the problem of clumping ice again.

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Updated Jan 08th 2020

Everything in your kitchen must be kept in perfect order and you should arrange things well to ensure you are able to locate them easily. The tables, the chairs, the shelves and all must be cleaned and properly arranged. Aside these, you must also spare some thoughts for your fridge; the fridge must be properly arranged too to ensure your kitchen receives the perfect appearance you have always dreamt of. Properly arranged fridge ensures you are able to store things easily in the fridge and also locate such things very easily. This write up will look into how to arrange your fridge in a way to make your home a lot more beautiful.

It all begins with giving the home and the fridge a thorough cleaning, after which you can start organizing the contents of the fridge in a methodical manner. Organizing the fridge can be a daunting task, but it is a task worth venturing into. The benefits are simply innumerable. If you lack ideas on how to properly arrange your fridge at home, you can consult any of the professional restaurant or kitchen operators and they can be of help in this regard, some of them free of charges. One thing you must keep in mind when putting the fridge together is the issue of safety. You must also organize the items in the fridge based on how much temperature is required by each of the items for preservation in the fridge.

Those items that require almost freezing temperature must be placed very close to the coolest part of the fridge. Make sure that foods you would need to make quick breakfast or dinner is kept at the top of the arrangement. This way, you will not have problem in reaching out to those items on time. After the leftovers and the quick breakfast foods, other items needed to be stored in the fridge can be stored below. Those foods that would require high temperature to cook must be stored towards the base of the fridge when you arrange your fridge, but those foods requiring short cooking temperature will be fair better at the top of the fridge.

What strategy to use

In the upper shelve of the fridge; you can store items like the ready-to-eat foods. Such foods include deli meats, cheese and like yoghurt. Other foods fitting for the top shelves are drinks and leftovers. In the lower shelves anyway, it is better to store items like raw ingredients used for cooked dishes. You should not store just any material too close to the door of the fridge when you arrange your fridge. This is because the door area is undoubtedly the warmest part of the fridge. Food items like milk or eggs must never be stored too close to the handle, so that the items do not get spoilt too easily. They should rather be stored in the more frozen part of the fridge. The vegetables and the fruits would go perfectly in the drawer.

Your Maytag refrigerator is one of the best possessions you can ever have on earth. In all sense of the word, the refrigerator is long lasting. It can actually last for a life time, provided it is used and maintained properly. Have you just purchased yours and you want to make it last longer? All you have to do is to maintain the fridge in line with the direction of the manufacture. The manufactures have made things very easy for you. Each unit of the refrigerator comes with user’s manual and you can get the fridge maintained by following the simple instructions provided in the manual. The simple instructions in the user’s manual can also be relied on if you want to carry out Maytag fridge repairs. You will find highlighted in it simple steps you can take to repair any simple damage or fault that may occur in the fridge during use.

This simple write up will open your eyes to some of the simple repairs you can carry out on your own without involving any so called professional. However, you may have access to free professional repair if the refrigerator is still within the warranty period. The only problem with this is that such repair can take some time, unlike the simple ones you can do at home by yourself in a jiffy that will not take time at all to fix. Some of these repairers can take several hours to respond to your needs. Some of them even take a couple of days. Instead of waiting for them, you can just get things repaired by yourself. Be that as it may, you need to be fully aware of the dangers involved in getting things done by yourself.

• You will forfeit the warranty on the Maytag refrigerator once you have tampered with any of the components during such repair
• You may get things wrong, which may cause more fault in the refrigerator.

But if you know what you are doing, you will never have problem with any of the issues mentioned above. Some of the faults occurring in the refrigerator are simple faults that can be repaired or corrected without having to touch any of the components of the fridge. When the fault involves tampering with the components, it is better to call on any of the experts in the field, especially if the fridge is still within the warranty period. If the warranty period has passed, you can get the repair done without having to bother about any of the issues mentioned above.

Get all requirements ready

Before or after you have purchased the refrigerator, make sure you get everything needed for the Maytag fridge repairs ready. Get parts and supplies for refrigerator repair ready, especially the replaceable parts of the fridge. You also need to get a number of repair equipment ready, like the screwdriver, the nut driver, syringe type turkey baster, blow dryer, alligator jumpers, electric pliers, butt connectors, flashlights, volt-ohm meter and condenser brush.

The screwdriver you buy must be the Philip and flat head types. Make sure you get up to 3 different sizes, especially 6″, 4″ and stubby. The nut-driver to can be up to three and of different sizes. The blow dryer and the syringe type turkey baster can be used to melt the ice and frost in the fridge manually when the need arises to manually defrost.

The alligator jumper is useful to test the electric circuit in the fridge. They can be bought easily in any of the local electronic stores around and they are very cheap. You may want to get up to 5 different types. With the electric plier, you can easily strip and cut small electric wires during the repair. You can splice the small wires using the butt connectors. The flashlight is needed to light up the back and interior of the fridge as well as its underside. The condenser brush on the other hand can be used to clean out the dusty black hole underneath the fridge. The condenser requires this special cleaning to make it function to its full actively remove dust from the condenser grill. They are relatively cheap.

Important precautions

Before you attempt to carry out Maytag fridge repairs; first turn off the refrigerator to ensure you do not get dose of electric current in you in the process of repairing the fridge. If the dose is high enough; you may end up being electrocuted: whenever you want to repair the fridge, first empty the content of the tray under the freezer and also remove the content of the fridge. You can place them back once the repair is concluded. How can you keep your foods cooled pending the time the repair is done simply get a cardboard box or an ice chest and put the contents inside to cool pending the time they are returned into the fridge.

Simple repairs

If the fan of the fridge suddenly stops working; do not attempt to repair it. Instead, replace it. The repair manual attached to each unit of the fridge has a list of items to be replaced in the event such items or parts stop working and the fan is one of those items. However, you should not be in a hurry to replace the fan. You may get it running again by simply flipping it with your finger or some other long item. However, this repair is a temporary solution as the fan may stop working again. It is always better to get it replaced once you notice that the fan stops working.

Is the refrigerator not defrosting? The best to do in this regard is to switch of the fridge and allow the frost or ice to melt. This manual solution almost always gets things resolved. The same problem may not come up again until after several weeks. The defrost problem must be fixed without any delay whatsoever to ensure the longevity of the refrigerator. You do not need the help of experts to carry out many of theMaytag fridge repairs including this one. Once the fridge had been defrosted, make sure you are on the lookout for the problem to occur again and nip it in the bud once it comes up.

Do you notice that the fridge is not cool as it is supposed to be? The best to do in this regard is to check if the fridge is well closed. If the door is not in close contact with the fridge, the fridge’s temperature may not be as low as desired and this will lead to loss of its gas and loss of energy, which will tell on your energy bill. All you need to do in this regard is to close the door tightly. In most cases, this simple step corrects the problem. If this does not correct the problem, then get a f-gas regulated engineer to check the gas content of the fridge; it is possible the ammonia gas in the condenser has depleted. Best to do is to refill the gas. You may however not be able to do this on your own. So, call on trained experts to help out.

Common faults

If the condenser is running perfectly but the fridge is not cold, the best to do is to first check the control. If they are not set properly, adjust them. Check also if the condenser is clean. If not, get it cleaned using the condenser brush mentioned earlier. Check the condenser fan also and get it replaced if it is not running. If there is anything obstruction the fan, remove it or get the motor of the fan replaced. In the course of carrying out this Maytag fridge repairs, check the evaporator fan operation and get rid of any blockage. You can also replace its motor is the first solution does not help out. Finally, check if the door switch is defective and replace it.

Buildup of frost

This is among the easiests forms of Maytag fridge repairs to perform. What you need to do before effecting repair is to check the pattern and quality of the frost. If the frost is uneven, the problem is most probably due to faulty compressor or Freon charge. In this regard, you must call on trained technicians to handle things. If on the other hand the frost is of snowy ice configuration, clear off the ice and the defrost drain and the fridge will bounce back to life again.

You can as well make use of gas defroster for the repair if you have one. Check other aspects of the fridge like the defrost system, the hot gas solenoid and the timer for any defective part. Make sure such defects are removed without delay. You also need to replace any defective parts in the thermostat, heater, icemaker and any other part of the defrost system.


As hinted earlier, you may not be able to handle all the faults in the refrigerator by yourself, since you may not have the technical knowledge to get some of them done. The best to do in this regard is to call on the experts to help with the Maytag fridge repairs.

Without delving into irrelevant, this write up will show you ten tips that can help reduce running cost on your freezer and cool the freezer in a way that energy bill will not put hole in your pocket.

Keep it full: You do not need to overcrowd it, but make sure it is as full as you can make it. The full state will make the freezer operate more efficiently and effectively.

Cool the food before freezing the food: Before you put anything in the freezer, allow it to cool first, as this reduces the effort the freezer would have to make to get the food cooled. This also helps to cool the freezer faster.

Always close the freezer door: Cold air escapes fast when the door of the freezer is opened and energy is lost in the process. Reduce the frequency of opening the freezer and this will ensure you do not file for bankruptcy over energy bill.

Leave the temperate at normal: The temperature in your freezer should be around -18oC, while that in the fridge should be around 5oC. Anything lower than this will force the refrigerator to do more work and consume more energy

Defrost regularly: The freezer consumes more energy when it has so much ice in it. Make sure you defrost once the ice in the freezer is above 1cm thick.

The best way to thaw: You can conserve energy usage in the fridge by thawing your food in it after taking the food out of the freezer.

Where to locate the fridge: Your fridge must not be placed too close to any source of heat as this will increase energy needed to cool the freezer. Make sure there is adequate space within it to ensure easy air flow all around the interior.

Remove dust from condenser coil: It is not in your best interest to have dust settle on the condenser coil. Check regularly for such and get it removed without hesitation.

Check the seal: Loose seal can lead to lost energy. Make sure the seal on the door is intact always to efficiently cool the freezer.

What type to buy: Only energy efficient fridges must be purchased. Look for one that has the Energy Star mark on it and go for it.

Maytag and Amana refrigerators are leading refrigerators in the United States and United Kingdom today and it had been exported to other countries around the world and the end users are very happy with the performances of the refrigerators. There had been reports of top class performance and many more people are recognizing the special places of these refrigerators. These products have been able to cut niches for themselves in the refrigerator industry and their superiority is not in doubt in any way. If you are not using any of these refrigerators yet, you will do well to try them out and you will never regret your choice in the least.

Be that as it may, both Maytag refrigerator and Admiral Refrigerators do develop faults along the line; no electrical or mechanical equipment is immune to this. Before it however develops such fault, you would have used it for many years. In the event your Maytag or Admiral side by side refrigerator develops any fault over time and you do not want to buy another yet, you only need to implement simple repair techniques to put it in order again. There are equally some simple maintenance processes you can carry out to ensure longevity of the refrigerator. Some of these will be looked into below.

If properly cared for, the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators will last for a very long time. Some of the best ways to care for these refrigerators will be discussed below. The methods discussed here are not so difficult to carry out. In actual fact, you will not require help from any technician or repair expert to carry out these simple maintenance tips that will elongate the lifespan of your refrigerator. Many of the tips to be discussed below can be obtained in your users manuals. You can consult these manuals to care appropriately for the refrigerators.

Rule of thumb

You must always go along with the guideline given by the manufacturers while caring for either the Maytag or Admiral side by side refrigerator. Their recommendations were put together after deeply studying the components of these refrigerators and whatever they had prepared can be relied on to ensure your refrigerator is consistently functional. You must ensure the settings are in accordance to what the manufacturers have recommended. The freezer for one must be set at the coolness level recommended by the manufacturer. When you want to change the water filter, it must be done according to what the manufacturer has stated. Do you need to clean the condenser coils? Make sure you never forget what has been outlined in the user manual on how to get it changed. Keeping to these instructions will ensure the longevity of both the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators.

Effecting repair

As hinted earlier, there are times the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators will develop one form of fault or the other. When this happens, it is in your best interest to consult the manufacturers. This is very important if you still have warranty on the refrigerators. You must never attempt to repair the refrigerator by yourself if there is still warranty on it. If you do, you will void the warranty and will have to pay for repair in the event you contact the manufactures after tampering with any component in the refrigerator against manufacturer’s recommendation.

In the event you do not have warranty on the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators anymore, make sure you only contact experts in refrigerator repairs that have undergone factory certification courses in Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators repairs. Such technicians must have undergone some extensive training in refrigerator repair before you should hand over your Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators to them. Such repairmen would understand the computerized features in the refrigerators and they will understand how to easily repair them.

Point to note

You will be able to elongate the lifespan of your Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators if you care for them accordingly. You will equally be able to prevent any unwanted and expensive repair. If they are cared for appropriately, you will not have to make any replacement in the refrigerators for a very long time. One of the common maintenance tips is to get the condenser coil cleaned more regularly. Aside this, the vent panel should never be left dirty. Consequently, the fridge will be able to work at the highest level of efficiency possible. It will equally be able to cool the items placed in it at a faster rate. The amount of electrical energy consumed by the refrigerators will equally be reduced a great deal and this will help you save some money off energy consumption.

Maintenance suggestions

Some of the important maintenance tips you must keep in mind while handling your Maytag and

Admiral side by side refrigerators will be looked into below:

Some hair and lint can hang in the condenser coils of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators. This occurs especially if the condenser has been left for so long without being cleaned. Best thing to do in this situation is to get the condenser coils vacuumed. As hinted earlier, the manufacturers have specifically stated some important recommendations that can make the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators function to the optimum. You must adhere strictly to these recommendations in order to get the best out of the refrigerators. For example, make sure the temperatures in the refrigerators are set in accordance with regulations and guidelines already made available by the manufacturers; this will ensure maximum working efficiency of the refrigerators.

Check the icemakers of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators and check if there is no mildew speck in it. Effect necessary correction if such occurs. You can contact any of the trained experts in Maytag and admiral side by side refrigerators repair to help out.

One other important aspect of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators to check are the water filters. Check them for any damage whatsoever. Once you notice any damage in them, get them changed without any delay. It is even advisable not to wait till the water filters get damaged before effecting changes; you can decide to change them periodically, depending on the frequency of use of the refrigerators. When changing the water filters, make sure only genuine filters are used.

The door seals and the gaskets must also be properly cared for. They should be kept very clean all the time, as this will make them close better and prevent the air in the refrigerators from escaping, which will negatively impact the cooling ability of the fridge and cause increase in energy consumption. In order to ensure complete cleanness of the door seal, wipe them down by first using a damp cloth. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to wipe off any leftover dampness. Make sure the door seal is in good contact always. Leaving the door open by even a micro-inch can lead to increased power consumption as the refrigerators would have to increase their activities to meet up with the lost energy. If the doors do not close well even after you have affected the cleaning described above, it is time to consult a trained repairer to help look into things.

The ice bucket in the Maytag and admiral side by side refrigerators must be regularly emptied too to ensure optimum functioning of the refrigerators. You must always carry this out, if especially you are not making use of much ice.

Make sure you regularly empty the water tray too. Water does gather in the tray and it can spill over into the refrigerator and drench things stored in it. Make sure the tray is emptied regularly to prevent this. Frequency will depend on how often you experience cut in power supply.

How to buy spare parts

There are some spare parts or accessories that you can fix by yourself at home without involving the trained technicians; good example of such is the water filter. In fact, manufacturers of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators have outlined steps in their user’s manuals on how to effect these changes. When buying such accessories, make sure you only buy from trustworthy outlets. It is better to buy only from accredited outlets to ensure you get top quality. There are times the outlets repairing these refrigerators also sell the accessories. You can decide to buy from such repair outlets to ensure you get top quality.


Whenever you notice that the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators are getting overheated, it is high time you consulted the trained technicians. Such overheating can lead to fire hazards. Such overheating occurs especially when the relay experiences electrical failure; the relay is the components of the Maytag and Admiral side by side refrigerators responsible for turning the compressors on. As hinted earlier, never attempt to repair the refrigerators by yourself if there is still warranty on them. Remember also to always buy accessories only from reliable outlets where you can get top quality. Consider affordability too while buying these accessories.

Amana is the company which is popular over the years for making the high quality products especially freezers and refrigerators. The well known Amana XRSS264 American Fridge Freezer is a proof of company’s advanced research and development and its long term experience in designing products with commendable outlook and performance. This a highly rated unit which is made up of stainless steel front supported by black side which is the ideal match for decor in most of the kitchens.

A general description of this freezer unit is that this a frost free design, free standing supported by side by side doors. Right on the freezer door, there is a convenient ice and cold water dispenser which is often required and therefore is designed for frequent use. This is made easy to use without the need of opening the freezer door to get ice. It is important as it saves a lot of time and energy and is handy. The total area of the set is 599 litres which is distributed between the fridge and freezer compartment. By viewing the refrigerator space closely, it can be seen the shelves are very convenient to use and are made of tempered glass, moreover, the shelves are strong, smash proof and easily cleanable. As the area has deep door storage and adjustable shelves, the food products can be placed and stored easily in a perfect arrangement. The shelves can be easily removed if the containers or bottles are taller; thus the entire space is easily adjustable. The vegetable drawer also provides the option of humidity control which helps to keep the vegetables fresh and edible for a long time. The 4-star freezer has the ability to minimize the energy costs and keeps the frozen products easily approachable so that the user would not have to the door open all along. Even when there is a loss of power, melting or spoiling is not a concern for about 24 hours.

Main Features of the Freezer

The main features of the freezer are given below.

      Primary Features


      1.Automatic Ice maker


      When using the ice maker of the freezer for the first time, confirm that the ice bin is in the right place and ice maker arm is held below. Once the freezer section is in the temperature between 0° to 2°F ice maker will fill with water and will start functioning. The first yield of ice requires around 24 hours after the installation. The ice formed within first 12 hours of operation is to be disposed of to confirm the set up is free from any kind of impurities. Then it is to be confirmed that the ice bin is in place and ice maker arm is kept below. Confirm ice bin is in place and ice maker arm is down. Once the temperature of the freezer reaches 0° to 2°F, ice maker fills with water and begins the service. The complete yield of ice is produced in about every 3 hours. The production of the ice can however also be stopped by lifting ice maker arm until click is heard.


      1.Shelves Ice Service Rack


      The ice rack is installed in a few steps. For installation, slide L-shaped groove of shelf down over rear wall screw. Push rack back until screw is stopped in L-shaped groove (1) . Slide front portion of shelf over front wall screw. The steps are repeated in reverse order to removal.




      Wire Basket


      The basket can be taken out be detaching it from extension. The front of the basket is then slanted upwards and pulled straight out. For installation, the basket is inserted into refrigerator liner rails and push back into place.


      1.Door Storage


      Fixed Door Shelf


      The fixed door shelf provides convenient storage for frozen food items in freezer door.


      Tilt-Out Bin


      The tilt-out bin facilities easy storage for frozen food items in freezer door and slants onward to make the food products accessible.



Ice Cube Tray

      This feature is supported by a few models. The ice cube tray gives ample space to freeze the cubes for controlled supply of ice.

Lower Basket Divider

    This feature is also supported by a few models. The lower basket separator facilitates the division of baskets in few parts. To remove and replace the divider, it is pulled straight upwards. And to install again, top corners of the dividers are hooked over the horizontal basket rungs.


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